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  • digital

    The future of Social: My hunch

    “Your past is a good indicator of your future” As search engines and social media gain more and more knowledge

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  • modi broom swachh bharat

    #SwachhBharat Challenge : An Opportunity for Cause Marketing

    Today the Indian Prime Minister officially flagged off the SwachhBharat Mission, the mission to clean India. As always, he managed

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  • Significance of Profile Picture (or Avatar) on Twitter

    This is a completely personal observation of mine but it is my absolute belief that on twitter, your profile picture

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  • thoughtleadership

    Social Media is the ultimate tool to establish thought leadership.

    People often wonder how best they can use the social media. When I conduct workshops on social media marketing, many

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  • how to make a video

    4 ways to make simple videos for Web

    Videos are the next big thing in digital. Facebook now encourages users to create more and more video based content.

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  • facebook

    Facebook Remarketing Video Tutorial

    Remarketing is a powerful way of selling your products to people who have shown interest in your products in the

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  • 5 reasons why digitalmarketing rocks

    5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Rocks!

    The world is changing fast and so is the way we do business. While the traditional form of marketing still

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  • IMG_0464

    Should Web Development be Taught as a Part of a Masters degree in Business?

    Having taught over 3000 people, web development, I now feel that basic training in developing a website should be given

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  • Will eCommerce change the way Indians shop?

    eCommerce is a relatively new thing in India but in its second avatar, it has certainly made a dent in

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